Committee Update 24/9/21

Draws for the Legends & Fountain Trophies on Monday 4th Oct now updated.


Committee Update 23/9/21

Draw for the Gaslamp Trophy Playing on Thursday 30th Sept now updated.

Committee Update 22/9/21

Monday Nights results all update.

Reminder that this Monday is the last chance for the Leonard Pairs to be played. Good luck all involved.


Committee Update 20/9/21

Embassy round 1 not required due to number of entries.


Committee Update 16/9/21

The website had experienced some technical issues with server, these have now hopefully been resolved.  Updates are now done AGAIN for Monday's games.

All the best everyone taking part in the Brig Inn Trophy this evening.


Committee Update 12/9/21

Well done to one of our own Masada's John 'The Highlander' Henderson for becoming World Cup of Darts Champions 2021, playing alongside Peter 'Snakebite' Wright for Scotland they played a blinder, Hendo having a major part in getting through to the final and then contesting it. Very humble in the accomplishment as well highlighting it's a team game.

Extremely proud and we all wish you the very best going forward, you making it home for Monday's game?


Committee Update 08/09/2021

Fixtures and results updated from Monday and Thursdays Games.




Committee Update 02/09/2021

Fixtures and results have been updated.



Monday 6th Sept also sees the start of the Premier and 2nd Divisions


Committee Update 26/08/2021

Draw for the Donald Taylor Trophy announced.


Committee Update 25/08/2021

Fixtures and results have been update.

Closing date for entries for the ADA Singles & Pairs is Tuesday the 31st of August at 10pm. Entries can be put in the box in the Northern Bar for the committee to collect or the committee will be present at the Rusty Nail on Monday the 30th of August from 6-7:30pm. Entry fee is £3 per single and £6 per pair, this can be transferred into the ADA account, please contact the committee for details. Only players registered on or before the closing date will be entered into the ADA Singles & Pairs, match secretary to disregard any names who are not registered to a team. 

Fixture books will be available to collect shortly, the committee will be in touch when they are ready. 

Teams are advised that all results are to be sent to the match secretary by sending a photo of the team/singles/pairs lines via Whatsapp, messenger or to the results email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 10pm Tuesday following the match. All players names, signatures and results should be clearly visible or the score may be void. 


Committee Update 19/08/2021

The Aberdeen Darts Season 2021/22 is kicking off on Monday the 23rd of August for the Super Premier, 1st and 3rd Divisions with the following matches to be played:

Kings Bar v Grays Inn, Regent Bridge v Murdo's Bar, Masada v Brig Inn, Northern Bar v Spiders Web, Old Bank Bar v Fountain Bar, Saltoun Arms B v Dee SC

1st Division:
McNasty's B v McNasty's, Scotia Bar v Cafe D'ag, Brig Inn B v Wagley's, Murdo's Lounge v New Greentrees, Gas Lamp B v BYE, Grampian Bar B v Northern Lounge, St Machar v Langdykes

3rd Division:
Golden Tee B v Kings Bar B, Bankhead Inn v Rowantree, Legends v Grampian Bar, BYE v Gas Lamp, Portland Club v White Cockade, Staging Post v Legends B, Snuggery v Lord Byron

The Premier and 2nd divisions will begin on Monday the 6th of September.


Cafe D'ag v Kirkgate, Woodend Bar v Butchers Arms, Kings Bar v Gas Lamp B, Spiders Web v Fountain Bar, Langdykes v Scotia Lounge, Northern Bar v White Horse, Saltoun Arms B v Legends Bar

Legends Bar B, Murdo's Lounge, Masada, Mains Of Scotstown, Parkway Inn, Grays Inn, Kings Bar B, Brig Inn, McNasty's B, Rowantree, Gilcomston, Saltoun Arms, Sportsmans Club, Bankhead Inn, McNasty's, New Greentrees, Grampian B, White Cockade, Murdo's Bar, Golden Tee, Rowantree B, Dee Swimming Club, Golden Tee B, Croft & Cairns, Regent Bridge

The following teams still need to register their captain and/or secretary, forms must be in by 10pm Tuesday the 31st of August:  Old Bank Bar, Fountain Bar, Langdykes, Rowantree, Spiders Web

The following teams can collect their Fixture lists and sweepers from the committee on Monday the 23rd of August at the Masada from 5pm: Holburn, Old Machar Legion, Parkway Inn, Dee SC, Fountain Bar, Kings Bar, Regent Bridge, Abergeldie, Brig O’ Dee, northern Hotel, Wilson’s, New Greentrees, Legends A & B, Portland Club, Snuggery

Closing date for the ADA Singles and Pairs is Tuesday the 31st of August at 10pm. Entries can be put in the box in the Northern Bar.


Committee Update 28/07/2021

The committee would like to thank all players and sponsors for allowing the Cups from season 2019/20 to be completed. Congratulations to the following winners:

15 & Under - Devon Duguid

U18's - Ben Duncan

U21's - Ben Duncan

Bill Masson Trophy - J McKay (GI)

Joe Horne Trophy - J Adams (LDY)

Brig Inn Trophy - Northern Bar

Donald Taylor Trophy - Masada

Fountain Trophy - Langdykes

Gas Lamp Trophy - Masada

Embassy Trophy - Masada

Legends Trophy - Butchers Arms

Scott Campbell EE Trophy - Northern Bar

ADA Pairs Trophy - J Adams & S Caie (LDY) 5;

George Baxter Trophy - Masada

Royals Shield - J Hogg (GI)

Leonard Pairs - M Goldie & S Ryan (M)

ADA Singles - M Goldie (M)


Trophies will be handed out at the earliest opportunity.

Teams are reminded that they need to register their minimum of 6 players (£2 per person) and the team fees (£80) by Monday the 2nd of August to be included in the coming season's fixtures.  Money can be transferred to the ADA Account and forms put in the box in the Northern Bar or the committee will be at the Rusty Nail between 7-9pm on Monday the 2nd of August to accept registrations. Please contact the committee ASAP if you have any problems.


Committee Update 21/07/2021

With restrictions continuing to ease its looking hopeful for the season to start on Monday the 23rd of August  therefore the committee have set a date of the 2nd of August  for teams to register their minimum of 6 players by to be included in this seasons fixtures. We are requesting teams to transfer the money to the ADA account and put the players registrations in the box in the Northern Bar (this should be both copies of the form and the pink copy will be returned with a receipt when you collect your fixture list). Captains and secretaries registration forms should also be handed in along with the Cup form should you wish to opt out of any of the cup matches. Entries for the ADA Singles and Pairs must be in by 10pm Tuesday the 31st of August, again it would be preferred if teams did a bank transfer and forms put in the box in the Northern.

Committee will be available to collect registrations on Monday the 19th of July at Dee SC, 26th of July and 2nd of August at the Rusty Nail from 7-9pm. Please let us know if you intent to pay in person so we can manage numbers in the venue with current restrictions still in place.
Teams still to pay fees are as follows: Buckie Farm, central Lounge, Fountain bar A &B, Frigate Bar, Glentanar, McNasty’s, Mither Tap, Northern Hotel, Portland Club B, Scotia Bar & Lounge, Victoria Bar and White Cockade. Please make arrangements to pay before 2nd of August.
Teams who did not collect team packs at the AGM were Buckie Farm, Central Lounge, Frigate Bar, Holburn, Northern Hotel, Victoria Bar and White Cockade. Please make arrangements to collect ASAP.
Any queries please contact the committee


Committee Update 14/07/2021

Congratulations to the following winners of further trophies played to date:

Embassy Trophy - Castle 1, Masada 7;

Legends Trophy - Mounthooly 7, Butchers Arms 3;

Scott Campbell EE Trophy - Brig Inn 2, Northern Bar 4;

ADA Pairs Trophy - S Finn & M Thomson (BI) 2; J Adams & S Caie (LDY) 5;

Draws for the Royals Shield, Leonard Pairs and ADA Singles have all been updated. Please contact the committee at the earliest opportunity if you will not manage.


Committee Roles have been assigned as follows:

President - Sharon Leslie

Vice President - Mike Murray

Treasurer - Tony Robertson

Match Secretary - Sharon Leslie

General Secretary - John Smith

Teams will be notified shortly with dates for registering players, please contact the match secretary by the 19th of July if you have not heard anything.


Committee Update 29/06/2021

Congratulations to the trophy winners so far, results to date are as follows:

Bill Masson Trophy - J McKay (GI) 3, M Murray (M) 1;

Joe Horne Trophy - O Wright (WEB) 1, J Adams (LDY) 3;

Brig Inn Trophy - Northern Bar 4, Murdo's Bar 2;

Donald Taylor Trophy - Brig Inn 3, Masada 5;

Fountain Trophy - Langdykes 7, Mains of Scotstown 3;

Gas Lamp Trophy - Brig Inn 2, Masada 4;

Special mention to the Youths who played their finals on Monday the 28th of June, there was some super darts thrown by all including a 100 finish by Devon Duguid for which he hit 20, Tops, Tops. Plenty of high scoring and good finishing including Tonnes and 140's by Ben Duncan and Devon Duguid and Calum Dear with a 134. Such a good standard coming through the youths which will hopefully filter up through to the leagues.

15 & Under - Devon Duguid 3, Calum Dear 1;

U18's - Ben Duncan 3, Paul Duncan 0;

U21's - Kieran Masson 0, Ben Duncan 3;

Good luck to all those still to play. 


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